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Access your files from anywhere. Share them with anyone. All this and more for free! That’s the beauty of using OPShare. It’s a fun and friendly way to gather, sort and pass along all your favorite photos, videos, audio files and work documents. Any type of file that is 10GB or less can be uploaded into OPShare.


As with all onProject software solutions, OPShare files are stored in a secure hosting facility to make sure you always have access to them.
Sign up today and check out these features:

  • Completely web-based
  • Gadget style installation
  • Works on leading browsers
  • Loads onto any iGoogle page
  • Uses email addresses to invite others to share
  • Will take any type of file; document, video, music or image sized under 10GB
  • Let’s you create folders and organize files
  • Has secure file storage and backup on powerful servers
  • Shows the newest files first and who created them
  • Uses big file Icons for quick recognition of file types
  • Tracks “modified by” information
  • Provides thumbnail views
  • Shows your active OPShare users

Reasons why you should use onProject Share for file sharing and collaboration via the web:

  • It’s easy to start sharing
  • onProject Share lets you put in any type file under 100 MB in size
  • You can create unlimited folders for both personal or business use
  • All files are stored in a safe environment
  • Reduce storage space
  • All files are stored within a central location
  • People from any location have access to shared files
  • Keeps track of who’s looking at files
  • Brings attention to new files
  • It’s free!



With 10 GB of storage space and an unlimited number of users, onProject Share is completely free to use.


Users Storage Monthly Fee
Unlimited 10 GB FREE!

No training is required for this application. It’s intuitive and very simple to use. For any questions that do arise when using the software, please send an email support request found within the application.



Our customer support phone line is available:

Monday – Friday

9:00AM to 6:00PM EST

We also encourage all our users to select the Support tab within the application to electronically send us any questions, error messages, comments or suggestions.

For Customer Support, please call
(973) 971-9970 and press 2




for your iGoogle homepage!

Please click here to go to Google website and be able to add the new OP Share Gadget to your iGoogle homepage.!
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