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With a new message in place, onProject, Inc. launches their new website officially in May 2008.

Parsippany, New Jersey – May 1, 2008

“It’s important to get this information out to both our clients and potential new customers” states Colleen Basenese, sales manager for onProject, Inc. “… Particularly our construction clients as their IT groups are definitely feeling the pinch of these times.  They need to know that we can help them with all their IT functions, not just our for-sale software applications. One way to do that is to show customers what we can and will do with a clear, streamlined and fresh website”.

onProject, Inc. has been building web-based, custom applications for very large corporations and providing IT services to them almost since its inception 9 years ago. onProject also offers customization for any current products being sold. Their service business has grown in scope as clients find they need more and more help supporting IT functions. With experience and expertise gained from working with many different clients across multiple industries, onProject is perfectly positioned to deliver a full range of web-based technology solutions.

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