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Kenney Construction plans to consolidate its construction schedules by using myonSchedule.

Parsippany, New Jersey – March, 2008

Kenney Construction Inc. builds numerous multi-family buildings in both conventional and student housing settings. They are experts in producing top quality projects on time and within budget. They signed onto myonSchedule with the plan to consolidate all their schedules into one web-based system accessible by their construction teams and vendors.

Kenney Construction was formed by Steve Kenney and Joe Bostic both retired from the NFL.  It is part of the Kenney Companies consisting of Kenney Properties, Inc, Kenney Realty Services, LLC and Kenney Construction. They are now positioned to handle the entire process of selecting sites, constructing multi-unit buildings and then operating and managing these facilities.

For more information about The Kenney Companies, please visit the company’s website at


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